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    A secret weapon that combines extreme subtlety and strength that comes from softness
    The structure realizes the subtlety and strength of the material used in the product. Previously, emphasis has been put on softness and torque. Instead of using solid-structure materials, this product uses specially designed carbon tubulars with soft tips, and blanks made with metal BORON fiber. From biting to landing, this fishing rod is soft, yet naturally strong. The soft tip delivers the feeling of biting to the tip of the user’s fingers. To minimize repulsive force, and thereby prevent the fish from escaping the hook during hook setting and landing, this product uses special high-elasticity carbon tubular. In addition, to bring the fish into submission by the natural movement of the rod, this product uses high-recovery boron fiber. It is a secret weapon of the highest class. Made with BORON fiber. Fitted with Fuji Titan Torzite Guide System. Fitted with Fuji reel seats, the line most preferred by anglers.

    GUIDE SYSTEM : Fuji Titan Torzite Guide System
    REEL SEAT DESIGN : Fitted with Fuji ECS Reel Seat
    SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY : Bade with BORON steel, this product is soft yet sturdy, and offers reinforced control and stability
    BLANK TECHNOLOGY : Made with BORON fiber

    B-602RRL / RUBBER JIGGING (GRIP 402mm)
    Rubber Jigging : This rod allows for creating the natural movement of baits. It is designed to prevent the fish from escaping the hook during hook setting and landing. The weight is perfectly balanced so that it feels as light as feather.

    B-652RRL-L / RUBBER JIGGING (GRIP 402mm)
    Rubber Jigging : it allows the angler to catch red sea-bream which feed actively separate from other less active red sea-breams. Sensitive! Natural! Strong! This product boasts the three essential qualities, and allows the angler to use equipment suitable for each situation and perform hook setting and landing in the way suitable under the circumstances.

    B-662MF / DOWN SHOT (GRIP 402mm)
    Down Shot The target fish’s movement is dull, and the point is narrowing. This fishing rod uses a tip which enables the angler to sharply recognize fish biting even at rough points such as around underwater rock or artificial fishing banks. The user can feel its natural strength at the tip of his fingers.

    ※Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements.
    ※CARBON 99%








    Jig wt.

    P.E LINE

    Drag Max



    Retail Price













    1.83 2 136 97 1.3 8.3 30~70 2.0~4.6 5 12 402 500,000


    1.96 2 149 103 1.3 8.3 40~80 3.2~6.0 5 13 402 540,000


    1.98 2 152 113 1.3 9.7 60~120 4~8 8 13 402 540,000
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