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    CLOSER 磯(ki) SV

    Closer SV, Evolution from the Closer DM series, known for their extraordinary ability for control.
    The Closer SV rods comes in various models so you can enjoy from inshore fishing to boat fishing. They have become more durable through the light weight, the perfect prevention of line adherence, and the tilted NM guides, which show the best performance even in the worst case. For the guide line, the bump installed on the rod to prevent fishing line from crossing the line makes the Closer SV to the next level.

    0.8~1.5 single-body seat + FUJI NS6/ASH
    1.8~2 screw type single-body seat

    SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY : Guide Line + Embossing finish to prevent fishing line from adhering to a rod
    BLANK TECHNOLOGY : C.C CARBON to improve compression strength

    0.8-530 F (GRIP 320mm)
    Perfectly suitable for black sea bream in the early fall. More dynamic bites will be transmitted to your hand through the soft tip section and waist of the rod.

    1-530 F (GRIP 320mm)
    This model is basic for black sea bream fishing, which requires fishing rods to have both high strength and high sensitivity. The rod is designed to fish from rocks of the seashore for beginners and advanced anglers.

    1.5-530 F (GRIP 330mm)
    You can aim at various fish species, such as red sea bream, opaleye, and black sea bream. It is easy to use no matter where, including fish farms. This model is essential especially for anglers targeting big fish in main currents on a remote island.

    1.5-500 T (GRIP 295mm)
    This model featuring strong power for control is fit to fish long-tail opaleye. The strong waist is perfect for time-sensitive fishing games. The relatively short length and low center of gravity give you less fatigue even when you fish for a long time.

    1.8-530 F (GRIP 335mm)
    This model is a great choice to fish monster red-sea bream, yellow amberjack, opaleye on a remote island. The rod is ideal for drift-line fishing with a big float in main currents. Due to the high resilience on the waist, your target fish is capable of rushing to a rock area under the sea quickly. The low center of gravity makes you feel less tired even when you fish for a long time.

    1.8-500 T (GRIP 300mm)
    This model is optimized for drift-line fishing on a boat for long-tail opaleye, yellow amberjerk, and yellowtail in main currents. Its strong waist enables you to fight your target fish on a boat with ease. The combination of high and medium elasticity on the second and third sections of the rod realize the best balance and strength on the waist.

    2-530 F (GRIP 345mm)
    The strong waist can take control of any big fish. This model has just what it takes to catch monster fish.

    ※Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements.
    ※CARBON 99%












    Retail Price












    5.3 5 113 209 0.8 24.2 3.8~11.3 3.2~8 12 320 165,000


    5.3 5 114 226 0.7 24.4 3.8~11.3 4~12 12 320 170,000


    5.3 5 114 240 0.8 24.4 3.8~11.3 4~12 12 330 175,000


    5.0 5 108 215 0.8 24.4 3.8~15 6~16 12 295 185,000


    5.3 5 114 255 0.8 25.0 3.8~15 6~16 12 335 185,000


    5.0 5 108 240 0.8 25.0 7.5~18.8 6~20 12 300 195,000


    5.3 5 116 275 1.2 25.0 7.5~18.8 6~20 12 345 195,000

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