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    ARCO, a tournament type rod optimized for area field!
    ARCO of NS, dedicated to trout fishing and reborn to keep pace with the changing trend of rainbow trout fishing. Professional rainbow trout fishing, using the spoon lure and crank bait, have recently gained popularity. This model was developed to be lighter, sturdier, and better detect the delicate vibration, rather than being simply soft. Featuring even more specialized specification, this new-concept rod will allow anglers to gain even more pleasant rainbow trout fishing experience in the managed fishing ground and in the tournament.

    GUIDE SYSTEM : FUJI T2 (Titanium) "K" GUIDE, SiC-S
    REEL SEAT DESIGN : A classic reel seat design, adopting the WOOD andFuji (SKSS 16) real seat
    SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY : Start guide with a diameter of 20∅,increasing the driving distance
    BLANK TECHNOLOGY : CTX (Carbon Tape X-warping) technique was appliedto minimize the twist and improve the strength

    ARCO S-602 UL (GRIP 120mm)
    This model was designed for use of lightweight spoon lure weighing about 2g. Delicate vibration transmission on smooth tip and back of rod enables immediate tip reaction to the sensitive trout’s bite of bait during the reeling motion of spoon lure, resulting in faster hook setting and greater success in striking the fish. The back of rod, contrasting to the smooth tip, is sturdy enough to provide power necessary to subdue medium and large rainbow trout. It is also optimized for ARCO SR Crank.

    ARCO S-622 L (GRIP 120mm)
    This model is a normal type model finding the most wide-ranging applications. It is optimized for rainbow trout-based lures ranging from small spoon or crank bait to bottom lure. It is a normal type light power model that reduced excessive movement and made up for what is lacking during various actions. It can be used from SR to DR range, a main model giving real pleasure of game fishing.

    ARCO S-692 ML (GRIP 120mm)

    You can control a lure easily and grasp area quickly with this pilot rod at paid trout fishing ponds. And you can also operate with heavier lure(0.9g~8.0g), and target bottom of water with PE line or Carbon line.

    Even though short bite of fish, you can respond with fast and sensitive action. Slow elasticity of the belly part can be made you never failure of landing. You will definitely find its value!

    ※Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements.
    ※CARBON 99%








    Lure wt.

    P.E LINE




    Retail Price












    S-602 UL

    1.83 2 94 72 1.2 7.3 0.5~4 4~10 2~5 8 120 350,000
    S-622 L 1.88 2 96.5 74 1.3 7.6 0.8~6 5~15 2~6 8 120 360,000
    S-632 ML 1.91 2 98.0 74 1.5


    0.9~8 6~20 3~8 8 120 370,000


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