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    Taking the inshore game to a new dimension!
    It represents a culmination of relentless efforts and verification. Applying the CTX(Carbon Tape X-Wrapping) method, it provides a blend of ultra-lightweight feature, high strength, high sensitivity, and excellent maneuverability, minimizing the blank twist while casting. Built to various specifications, it can target the fish on sea floor and diadromous fish. The rod has plenty of strength necessary to stand up to monster-grade fish. Adopting the Fuji SIC-S guide, it has high durability and lightweight features. In addition, it applied NS-02S-PG and anti-loosening nut(double nut) to ensure firm attachment with the reel, minimizing the fatigue from frequent casting.

    REEL SEAT DESIGN : NS-02S-PG + DPSSD 16GM/ASH + LOGR 16/AN seat applied
    (anti-loosening nut used to prevent loosening while mounting the reel)

    SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY : Two Grip adopted for the rear grip
    BLANK TECHNOLOGY : CTX method applied / CF 1115-1 adopted

    S-802L (GRIP 265mm)
    It was designed for the light tackles offshore(on the coast). It enables fast action when handling small jig heads or small minnows, and allows anglers to detect even the slightest sign of fish’s bite of bait.

    S-832ML (GRIP 275mm)
    This model is optimized for short-distance inshore game, and provides the best performance for handling small-sized lures. It is suited for targeting the flatfish, rockfish, spotty belly greenling, sea bass, stone fish, Indian flathead, etc.

    S-832M (GRIP 275mm)
    As a superb multi-purpose rod, this model is best suited for targeting the fish on the sea floor. It provides outstanding performance for middle-sized jig head hopping in sea floor covered with stone, and can target the fish such as flatfish, rockfish, spotty belly greenling, stone fish, and Indian flathead.

    S-862ML (GRIP 285mm)
    It is best suited for inshore game and a versatile rod allowing anglers to handle all types of lures and target the diadromous fish and fish species on the sea floor. It is suited for targeting the mackerel, sea bass, rockfish, spotty belly greenling, Indian flathead, stone fish, Japanese Spanish mackerel, flatfish, etc.

    S-902M (GRIP 300mm)
    This model is best suited for handling middle-sized lures. It provides anglers with the long-distance casting ability, along with the ability for lightweight metal jigging over the long distance. It is suited for targeting the fish such as Japanese Spanish mackerel, sea bass, flatfish, yellowtail, etc.

    CTX Method
    In order to reinforce the compressive strength that is the weakest point for the carbon thread with type of Uni-Direct, 24 or 30 tons Carbon tape is wrapped with the shape of X at regular pitch in the outermost of the blank. This is the method to reinforce the compressive strength with the great exterior.








    LURE wt.

    P.E LINE



    Retail Price












    2.44 2 126 119 1.5 12.3 5~24 10~30 8 265 265,000
    S-832ML 2.52 2 130 126 1.5 12.5 8~30 15~35 8 275 275,000
    S-832M 2.52 2 130 132 1.6 12.8 10~40 20~40 8 275 285,000
    S-862ML 2.59 2 133 132 1.5 12.8 8~35 15~35 8 285 285,000
    S-902M 2.75 2 141 146 1.6 13.5 10~40 20~40 8 300 295,000

    ※ Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements.
    ※ CARBON 99%

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