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    Another evolution to better target big bass!
    Built with CTX(Carbon Tape X-wrapping) method, the blank has high elasticity and strong power to subdue the target fish, resulting in another evolution of the model. The range beyond entry-level, built to 8 types of specifications for targeting the fish at any spots such as aquatic plants, dead trees, stone field, breakwaters, vertical wall, area above the bridge, etc., has been finally unveiled. Adopting the Fuji guide, this model has lightweight features and high durability. The seat applied the NS seat(NS-01C, NS-02S) to reduce fatigue from repeated casting.


    SPINNING : NS-01C Ultralight Smart REEL SEAT + FUJI "KDPS" NUT
    CASTING : NS-02S Ultralight Smart REEL SEAT + FUJI "KDPS" NUT

    High quality EVA TWO GRIP

    CTX enables ultra-high strength and maximum sensitivity at the same time

    S-672ML (GRIP 245mm)
    It is used mainly for sensitivity fishing and well suited for handling the light tackle. This model is suitable for handling relatively light downshot, small rubber jig, wacky rig, neko rig, small free rig, small minnow, etc.

    S-692M (GRIP 250mm)
    It is highly suitable for handling the downshot, wacky rig, ned rig, and neko rig, the heavy tackles among the spinning management tackles.

    C-652ML (GRIP 240mm)
    This model was designed for handling the tackle that allows finesse fishing with baits. It is suitable for bait finesse, such as jerk bait, top water, light spinner bait, etc.

    C-682M (GRIP 260mm)
    It was built to the specification essential for bass fishing, and is ideal for handling middle-sized lures such as no sinker worm, chatter bait, spinner bait, middle crank bait, and tackle downshot.

    C-682MH (GRIP 260mm)
    This model is indispensable for one tackle, and is also ideal for handling the tackles other than the Texas rig, free rig, rubber jig, heavy downshot, buzz bait, and spinner bait.

    C-712MH (GRIP 280mm)
    The MH rod with a new length gives anglers the upper hand. It allows anglers to target even farther spot. There are spots that require somewhat greater length to be reached. It is also highly suitable for handling the wire baits in addition to the Texas rig, free rig, heavy downshot, rubber jig, etc. This model was also built to the best specification for long distance tackle.

    C-732H (GRIP 285mm)
    This model was designed to target more rough and complex spots. The hideouts of big bass are very complex, like labyrinth, with dead trees or underwater obstacles, etc. A rod with powerful backbone is needed to land the bass in such places. This model is optimized for handing the rubber jig and heavy free rig of heavy Texas 1-ounce class. It can also handle the middle-sized big baits.

    C-752XH (GRIP 300mm)
    It was created to target the big bass with big bait. It can handle the baits ranging from 2-ounce middle-sized bait to 5-ounce ultra-large bait, and provide the best performance in handling the ultra-large swarm bait.

    In order to reinforce the compressive strength that is the weakest point for the carbon thread with type of Uni-Direct, 24 or 30 tons Carbon tape is wrapped with the shape of X at regular pitch in the utermost of the blank. This is the method to reinforce the compressive strength with the great exterior.






    Top/ Bottom

    Lure wt.




    Retail Price


    2.01 2 104 99 1.5 12.0 1/8~3/8 4~8 8 245 130,000
    S-692M 2.06 2 106 103 1.6 12.7 3/16~1/2 8~14 8 250 130,000
    C-652ML 1.96 2 101 97 1.5 11.8 1/8~1/2 6~12 9 240 135,000
    C-682M 2.03 2 105 103 1.6 12.7 3/16~3/4 8~14 9 260 135,000
    C-682MH 2.03 2 106 110 1.7 13.7 3/8~1 10~16 9 260 135,000
    C-712MH 2.16 2 112 116 1.7 13.4 1/2~11/2 10~20 9 280 135,000
    C-732H 2.21 2 114 125 2.0 13.7 1/2~2 10~20 9 285 140,000
    C-752XH 2.26 2 117 140 2.2 14.3 3~5 P.E 40~70 9 300 140,000

    ※ CARBON 99%

    ※ Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements.

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